As inland water policeman, Nourdine’s job is to limit pollution. On the river banks the washing ladies follow his advice: natural oil soaps rather than detergents and Jeyes fluid. If not, be careful of a fine! After his tour of inspection we see him handing out soap to the giggling girls of Bandraboua.


As a young composer and master of guitar, Eliasse has been performing on the world’s stages since 1999: the New Morning in Paris, the Dunya Festival in Rotterdam, the Amsterdam Roots Festival... He was recently voted Voice of the Indian Ocean. He composed the music track of the film.


Every day for ten years Yannick has sailed his boat out onto the lagoon. Though earlier he hunted underwater, he has now swapped his harpoon for a camera. He devotes himself wholeheartedly to protecting the lagoon in any way he can. A recognised photographer he won the Mayotte Golden Seahorse Award.

Children of Dzoumogné

Even the youngest of children are taught by Maouli to look after their island. Here we see them on a river bank in the forest planting trees to stop erosion. These gardeners of the future touchingly declare a firm faith in their generation to care for our  planet. 

Children of M’Tsamoudou

The school children in M’Tsamoudou speak with wonder of the birth of baby turtles and draw the lagoon’s wildlife: dolphins, humpback whales, sea turtles…

Their work will be exhibited to encourage the local population to protect lagoon life.


Through the morning light on a wooded slope appears Issoufou, steeped in ancient wisdom of respect for nature’s gifts. He tirelessly keeps improving his way of farming by planting pineapple and coconut trees to retain the soil, by avoiding all slash and burn, by listening attentively to nature’s voice.


As founder of the Turtle Brigade in 1994, Abdallah strides over the beaches of Mayotte day and night to watch over the sea turtles as they lay their eggs and the little ones hatch. Thanks to him and his team, sea turtle numbers have gradually increased over the years.

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